Absolutpark | Welcome Winter - long version


Absolutpark | Welcome Winter - long version

vor 1 Jahr

Absolutpark | Welcome Winter - long version

vor 1 Jahr

Welcome Winter - long version. This is our 15-minute​ review of the 2018/19 Absolut Park winter season featuring Stale Sandbech, Anna Gasser, Luggi Brucic, Josh Absenger, Clemens Millauer, Kevin Trammer, Lukas Müllauer and many more. Sit back and enjoy it. ABSOLUT PARK - AUSTRIA'S LARGEST SNOW PARK In the last 20 years, the Absolut Park has not only become the biggest snow park in Austria, but also one of the most famous European snow parks. The entire park area extends over 1.5 km, is divided into seven sections and is equipped with a wide and varied range of around 100 obstacles. Our professional shape crew ensures perfect conditions on a daily basis. No matter which level, beginner or pro: In the Absolut Park you will find everything your freestyle heart desires. https://www.absolutpark.com/en/

Part One - Early season 2018:

Part Two - Airtime:

Part Three - Jib the Park:

Part Four - Powder:

Part Five - Ladies Session:


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