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News for winter season 2018/19

10.10.2018, 12:03

New obstacles in the Absolut Park During the summer, the Absolut Park Shape crew welded and hammered everything they could — to surprise you with a brand new Stair Set this winter. It consists of a Stepdown Rail, a Down Rail, a Double Kinked Rail and a Ledge with a Creeper Rail and will be located at the end of the Jib Park as usual. Besides, the guys built six new rails for you: A nine-metre long Doublekinked Rail, two Straight Rails, an eight-meter-long Elbow Rail, a six-meter-long Rainbow Rail and a seven-meter Wave Rail. Happy birthday, The Stash! The natural park is already ten years old, but still as cool as on the first day. This season the Lil' Stash, the easy to ride part below the Powder Shuttle top station, was extended. Cross Run extension We have added a second start to the Cross Run, the boarder and ski cross track in the Absolut Park. Now beginners and advanced riders can start into the flowy track according to their level. New to the Absolut Park team Ståle Sandbech and Torgeir Bergrem have a lot in common: Both are Norwegians, travel a lot together and are often in front of the camera in twos on YouTube. Starting this winter season, they will also be team buddies in the Absolut Park team and will undoubtedly be pulling their laps around. the park more often than before. Slopestyle Olympic participant Yuka Fujimori from Japan will join the ladies from now on. She is the first Asian in the Absolut Park

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